Grass and litter

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Grass and litter

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Hi, we are relatively new to the village and im not sure who i would need to speak to. We seem to be getting alot of cars parked on the grass at the far end of the village near the light house fence, this is making an awful mess. The ruts that are being left are getting much worse and the amount of litter being left is shocking especially as there is a bin right there. It is awash with beer can goodness knows what else. If someone could point me in the right direction that would be great.
The grass im sure is now beyond repair and will need an awful lot of soil to fill the giant holes.

Thank you in advance,
Rachel Baker
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Re: Grass and litter

Post by Marc »

Hi Rachel,

Welcome to the village. I too am fairly new here having moved here about ten months ago. I've found out a lot in that time and have been elected onto the community council.

This is a known problem, and indeed the litter isn't limited to the cars, there is litter left by truckers, dog walkers, and fishermen too. We recently found a bundle of fishing line with three hooks just abandoned on the grass which is very dangerous to dogs and other animals.

The land along the waterfront is actually owned by McLaughlin and Harvey which also owns the area with the lighthouse and the old pier. I am in contact with them, and working with them to try and resolve these sorts of issues. As a village, we also all muck in together from time to time to do litter picks to help keep our village clean.

I'm really pleased you have raised this, as it reinforces our concern about this sort of behaviour on the waterfront. Rest assured this is something we are working to address at the moment. If you'd like to hear how things progress, you'd be more than welcome to attend the Community Council meetings and meet its members. We meet on the second Wednesday every other month at the Community Hall at 7pm. The next meeting in September is on the calendar, and the agenda will be published on here and on the village notice boards nearer the time.

Thanks again for raising this, and we look forward to meeting at some point, perhaps at the next meeting.

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